Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed all of you. I’ve been on the forum and site a lot less since starting work for Legoland, so I only get to peruse the topics late at night or on the weekends.

This thread caught my eye, and I thought I’d highlight it to generate more conversation.

Why do some MOC topics get comments and others don’t? Lack of a picture in the post? Is it the name of the topic, or the name of the creation itself? Is it the builder? Don Solo has some suggestions if you’re a frustrated builder not getting the attention you seek. Chime in, I’m looking forward to even more enlightening discussion on the forum.

My own thoughts: Like anyone, my circumstances and attitude have changed over time. Years ago when I started on FBTB, I was a builder who rarely stepped foot outside the MOC forum. I responded to creations as I hoped/expected others would to mine. But ever since becoming an admin on the site (and before my new job,) I had to do my best to read every topic in every forum. I saw all the creations. But because I was so busy doing my rounds of the forum (troublemakers to attend to!) I didn’t have much time to respond. I’m viewing, but not posting, as many people seem to be doing.

So why do I think other people respond to some models and not others? I don’t think it has anything to do with the general quality of the models lately, or for any one single particular reason. As Turk’s post put it, this site and forum has become more a place for product and theme discussion rather than model discussion. This isn’t a bad thing, just something that happened over time as member and staff focus has shifted.

Is this something we need to work on? Do you miss seeing models on the main page? Do you care either way? Let’s talk.