PokéMondays: Two Bugs And A Fairy


Finally got my Ledyba!

Shiny Ledyba

Shiny Ledyba, 152/393

Am I the only one that pronounces it le-DIE-bah? I know it should be pronounced like LAY-dee-buh as an ‘ladybug’ without pronouncing the final hard-g sound but for whatever reason I keep saying it as le-DIE-bah in my head. And for the record, I don’t pronounce Ledian as le-DIE-yen, but LEE-dee-uhn.

I’m including my failed runs in the total this time. I should have done it all along with all my other shinies that took more than one chain but better late than never. This Ledyba came at the 693’rd SOS call. My Ledyba and Ledian evolution line is now complete.

Shiny Grubbin

Shiny Grubbin, 153/393

Since I was in the area of Ledyba, I decided to go for a Shiny Grubbin because I’m lazy and it didn’t require to move anywhere. The redhead took 352 calls before it showed up for the party. And with that, I may be finished with Route 1. I’ll have to check Bulbapedia but I’m off to Blush Mountain to chain it’s next form, Charjabug.

Shiny Clefable

Shiny Clefable, 154/393

Remember that Cleffa I caught awhile back? Well in that post, I failed to mention that it only took 17 calls for it come up as shiny, which was part of the shock I experienced at the time. I wasn’t even trying, just needed the XP. Anyways, it finally grew friendly enough to evolve into Clefairy. One Moonstone later and here is my Shiny Clefable. And with that, it brings my total count to one hundred fifty-four down with two hundred thirty-nine to go.

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