Name: Don

Handle on forums: Solo

What lead me to a staff position on FBTB: I joined the forum only after it was upgraded to PHPBB, but basically continued to lurk until it got hacked at the end of 2004. I missed the place more than I realized I would… so when it came back I dove in head first, participated a lot more, and got to know the other members. In 07 I was nominated for modship when the staff asked the forum for suggestions, and I happily accepted the task.

First Star Wars set: 7130 Snowspeeder. I found one for $4 on clearance K-Mart, and I was hooked.

Favorite Star Wars minifig: Most forumgoers would expect me to say R2, but I really prefer Stormtrooers and all their various cousins.

If I wasnt into Star Wars, Id probably be building: Sci Fi stuff. Aquanauts and Ice Planet were my favorite themes to build as a kid so I’d probably be doing more of the same. Although I did like my original Mindstorms kit, so maybe I’d be building robots and contraptions still.

If i’m not on the forum, I can usually be found on: flickr, twitter, or my blog.