Name: Nick

Handle on forums: dWhisper

What lead me to a staff position on FBTB: I’m the youngest (and I believe oldest) member on the forums, having wandered across it on a Google search result while I was searching for something I honestly can’t remember anymore. I’d just wandered through my local Target and saw the majestic beauty that was the revised B-Wing and A-Wing, and dropped a benny buying some sets for the first time in a few years. I posted, was honest, and took the time to make a point rather than vomiting with my keyboard every few seconds, and that apparently stuck.

I joined the staff a couple of years ago, and have helped (and harmed, like all good Sith do). Hopefully, my reign of terror continues as long as I’m needed.

First Star Wars set: The first (and in hindsight, very ugly) X-Wing. I started buying these after wandering through Walmart when in college. I could have spent my money on tuition (and time studying), but instead purchased several of the sets and knew that LEGO was the best thing in the history of ever.

Favorite Star Wars minifig: Greedo. Even though he never fired a shot.

If I wasnt into Star Wars, Id probably be building: Castle stuff. In fact, I build a lot of castle stuff anyway, when I can get the time to build…

If i’m not on the forum, I can usually be found on: flickr, one of many MMOs, or working. Sadly, it’s usually going to be working.