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I think this is the space where I try and upsell FBTB and convince you, dear reader, to donate money and/or subscribe. I’m not very good at asking for something like this, but I’ll give it a shot. This article, Monetizing FBTB, sums up the situation as it is now but I’ll try and say it again briefly.

It is neither free nor cheap to run this website: server hosting, renewal costs, sets for reviews and giveaways, and a myriad of other operational and incidental charges that may come up during the operation of this site all add up. We used be able to fund everything 100% through affiliate sales and banner ads, mostly through affiliate sales though. But the affiliate fees have been dropping steadily for some time now and it’s even harder to generate the same level of income to stay afloat.

We will still continue to post sales news when it is relevant, and we’ve dramatically reduced the number of ads you see on the site down to just one single ad at the top of every page. Our last approach is something new: direct donations and subscriber support.

You are not obligated in any way to donate or subscribe. Donating and/or subscribing does not unlock anything special, and you will still get the same level as access to all of our articles, contests, and giveaways whether you donate/subscribe or not. Your monetary contributions will go towards operational costs. We will continue to run with this model for as long as possible. And if you do donate or subscribe to FBTB, we cannot thank you enough.


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