The general consensus on the 21109 Exo-Suit has been “awesome, but those shoulders are just terrible.” I put mine together yesterday, right after I put together 21110 Research Institute, and couldn’t help but notice that it came with an extra 3L bar in light grey/medium stone. Turns out, that’s just about the right length to slip through the shoulder to hold it together.

For those who are curious, this is part 87994 on Bricklink, 17715 on BrickOwl, and the Lego element ID is 6093527 (though it’s sold out on Bricks and Pieces). It came in light grey in the Research Institute, and according to BrickOwl (though not Bricklink or Brickset), it also came in the LEGO Movie Super-Cycle Chase. I don’t have that particular set, so I can’t quite confirm it.

You Will Give Me the Bar


No word on how easily the chemist will let go of her beaker stand…