I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Jordan Schlansky is an associate producer on the Conan O’Brien show and a bit of a character. I still haven’t figured out if his quirkiness is just a bit or if he’s really like that in real life. The question he asks Harrison Ford in the video above is hilarious and it has me thinking it’s more of a bit. If you’re afraid of spoilers, there is none but stay away if you have a zero tolerance policy on knowing any little tidbit of the movie before seeing it, no matter how trivial.

After that, Jordan asks Harrison to sign his UCS Millennium Falcon model, and Mr. Ford “accidentally” flings it over his head and behind him essentially destroying it. Now you may argue that it’s LEGO, it can be rebuilt. That is true but given the investment of time to initially build the thing, you still have to feel for the guy. In the end, Harrison does indeed sign a panel and all I could think about is WHERE IS THAT PANEL!?!?! Hopefully, Jordan was able to retrieve all the pieces or have a p.a. do that for him. And at the very least, be able to keep that signed panel.