LEGO Ideas has finally revealed the last approved project from the Third 2019 review cycle, the McCallister’s House from Home Alone. Priced at $249.99, this 3,957-piece set, 21330 Home Alone, will be available starting on November 1st at and Brand Retail locations. I am pretty sure this will be the product page but since this post is being scheduled, I won’t be able to check until after everything goes live. I’ll update this post if it’s wrong though.

It includes five minifigs of Kevin, Harry, Marv, Kate and old man Marley, the Wet Bandits getaway car, a zipline from the treehouse, and probably a ton of other scenes from the movie recreated in LEGO form.

LEGO took their sweet old time to pull the wraps off. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Disney licensing and marketing to bring awareness and stoke nostalgia for the movie and hopefully generate good enough feelings to watch the remake Home Sweet Home Alone that will be premiering on Disney+ on November 12. Yep. Pretty sure they are unrelated.

The marketing department at LEGO is putting a lot of their effort behind this one in an odd and tangential way. The LEGO Group “also launched a global search to find the Kevin McCallister LEGO ® minifigure all over the world, taking place November 1 – 30.” This involves the following activities during the month of November:

Find Kevin on

  • A Kevin McCallister minifigure has been hidden somewhere on When found, the minifigure can be clicked on, taking the user to the competition page where instructions will be given on how to enter the competition.

Enter in-store

  • A Kevin minifigure will be hidden in selected LEGO stores, and if spotted you will also be able to scan the QR code and enter the competition to potentially win a $1000 LEGO gift card and the Home Alone set.

Find the giant Kevin statues

  • Life-sized statues of the Kevin McCallister minifigure have been installed near LEGO stores in cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, Paris, Antwerp and Berlin. Each statue features a QR code, enabling different activities such as games or selfies or find your nearest LEGO store.

Sounds like fun…

Bizarrely, LEGO has also included some data about the name Kevin and its popularity as a baby name around the time the movie came out. It’s just bizarre that this is the sort of detail that is being used to market the set.

USA Baby names ranked by popularity1

1982 (Kevin McCallister’s birth year)






1. Michael

1. Jennifer

1. Liam

1. Olivia

2. Christopher

2. Jessica

2. Noah

2. Emma

3. Matthew

3. Amanda

3. Oliver

3. Ava

4. Jason

4. Sarah

4. Elijah

4. Charlotte

5. David

5. Melissa

4. William

5. Sophia

6. James

6. Nicole

6. James

6. Amelia

7. Joshua

7. Stephanie

7. Benjamin

7. Isabella

8. John

8. Elizabeth

8. Lucas

8. Mia

9. Robert

9. Crystal

9. Henry

9. Evelyn

10. Daniel

10. Amy

10. Alexander

10. Harper

24. Kevin

156. Kevin


Worthless information. I doubt it would even win you a clue on Jeopardy!.

Official Pictures of 21330 Home Alone

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