Well this is kind of a neat idea. Like the headline says, LEGO is teaming up with Target to make an Ideas set a second chance to becoming an approved set! The sets have reached the required 10k vote count but were ultimately rejected for one reason or another during their respective review periods. In this collaboration, LEGO and Target have hand-picked the below three sets for you to vote on. The winning entry will become an official set and be a Target exclusive in the U.S. (while also being available at LEGO.com and all LEGO Brand Retail locations).

The voting period is now until the end of the month, May 31st at 10am EST. You can only vote once and you need to have a LEGO.com account to vote.

Those three sets are (shamelessly lifted from the Ideas blog post):

Working Mini Golf Course – Fully Playable by LEGOParadise

Challenge your friends to a fun tabletop golf tournament with this fully playable Mini Golf Course! Pitch, putt & swing your way through 3 unique holes featuring a variety of landscapes and moving obstacles.

Viking Village by BrickHammer

Whilst the original LEGO Vikings were heavily inspired by Norse mythology and fantasy themes, BrickHammer’s Viking Village they created is more grounded and rooted in actual history. Featuring 5 major structures and all the roofs are removable.

Marine Life by Brick Dangerous

Are you a lover of the sea? Well you’re in luck, because with this Product Idea you can have a representation of a jellyfish, a clownfish and a seahorse at home! Which is your favorite?


My vote? It goes to Working Mini Golf Course, of course! Marine Life looks great and all but not something I’d want to keep on display. Viking Village looks pretty awesome, and I do love me some Viking-themed stuff, but the Working Mini Golf Course is charming, playable, and something you can play with with your kids. And it has a fun factor that the other sets just don’t have!

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