Dudes. That’s a lot. Given the global state of the pandemic, more people are at home looking for things to do and having Ideas projects explode in popularity was a natural outcome. The upcoming Second 2020 Review cycle has a 35 qualifying projects, the most it’s ever had. Here’s a shameless copy and paste of all the projects:

1. The Mountain Windmill by Hanwasyellowfirst

2. Community – Greendale Community College by bulldoozer

3. Lego HeroQuest by KingGloriousSquirrel

4. Brickwest Studios by Bricky_Brick

5. House from Up by bramant1

6. Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook’s Cranny by Micro_Model_Maker

7. Trabant 601 by pedankopet

8. Night At The Museum by CARLIERTI

9. Fast Food Corner by RobinHoodBricks

10. Avatar: The Last Airbender by Minibrick Productions

11. Portal 2 – GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley by hachiroku24

12. BMW M1 (E26) by TOMOELL

13. Caribbean Clipper by Babyteeth

14. Sheriff’s Safe with Combination Lock by Il Buono

15. 31 Minutos T.V. Studio by YnsomniacTypho & XW2387

16. Southwest 737-800 by BigPlanes-Customs

17. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld by BrickHammer

18. Seasons In Time: Calendar by BrentWaller

19. Exploratorium by EndlessAges

20. Hocus Pocus – Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage by TheAmbrinator

21. Schitt’s Creek: The Rosebud Motel by seemarkgeek

22. Gold Rush Mine Train Roller Coaster by Footonabrick

23. Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night by legotruman

24. The Fortress – Imperial Army by Piraten

25. Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress by Delusion Brick

26. The Bakery by Bricky_Brick

27. Bangladesh National Parliament (Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban) by JandJLEGO

28. LEGO Doggo by legotruman

29. Zen Bonsai by BrentWaller

30. Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop by DadiTwins

31. Temple of Hermit by Brickfornia

32. The Ocean House by Hanwasyellowfirst

33. Medieval Market by CARLIERTI

34. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Course by The Real Ashnflash

35. Ratatouille: ReOpen The Doors! by BRICK PROJECT

With all the projects running such a wide gamut of themes, it’s hard to say what LEGO would go for. Community seems to be a safe bet only because of Ideas’ propensity to churn out sitcom-based sets. I don’t see any of the other license-based projects making it. The only other two projects that I think even remotely has a good chance of being becoming actual sets are The Mountain Windmill and Seasons In Time: Calendar. I kinda want Fall Guys to be seriously considered, but I am completely biased in that regard. I do like the solution the creator used to represent the bean avatars, but LEGO’s CMF line is rife with in-game costumes already. And LEGO is all about the minifig so I don’t see them adopting the 2×2 cylinder shapes for this one assuming it makes it to approved status, which it probably won’t.

LEGO Ideas also posted a follow-up post addressing the surge in qualifying projects. The First 2020 Review cycle also saw a large number of projects, 26 to be exact. Clearly they are aware of the situation and are considering making changes, but nothing has been announced yet.


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