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Ryan "chief" Wood | January 18th, 2013 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, MOC Spotlight

MOC Spotlight: Path of Caradhras

I love this gorgeous recreation of the perilous scene from Fellowship of the Ring, as depicted by Adam Dodge (dodge_a)

The Path of Caradhras

My favorite part is the snowy mountain that dominates the entire feature, but I also dig the poor minifigs who look in constant danger of falling off.

The Path of Caradhras

A whole series of creative vignettes like these from the LOTR saga would make for a really fun and impressive home display of minifigs (and building skill!)

Ace Kim | January 5th, 2013 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, MOC Spotlight

Brick Vader’s Hobbiton Diorama

I’m not much of a Lord of the Rings fan, and the Hobbit isn’t exactly high up on my list of things to do in my spare time. I can, though, appreciate the art direction of the films and the world that is created. Those Hobbits, as much as they try and not get involved with whatever else is going on in Middle Earth, they seem to be in the thick of it like all the time. Anyways, Brick Vader created a really nice diorama of a Hobbit’s home-in-a-hillside in a circular format. On the hillside edge, you can peek inside to view the living quarters. I thought that was a nice touch. More pictures on Imperium der Steine.

via The Brothers Brick

Ace Kim | December 22nd, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

An Unexpected Art Show Tickets On Sale Now

The Unexpected Art Show

Tickets for the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit inspired Unexpected Art Show are now on sale. This one-day event is sponsored by and will be held on Friday, February 22, from 7 PM to 1 AM. If you’re interested in displaying or selling your artwork at the event, they are still accepting submissions until February 1, 2013. Details on participation can be found here.

Ace Kim | December 21st, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

Wall Street Journal Talks About LEGO with No One from LEGO

When the above video was linked to me, I watched it with the expectation that I would actually learn something about LEGO and their working relationship with their licensors and, like the headline says, why LEGO is so expensive. Maybe that was my fatal flaw, having an expectation. But instead, I learned that having two people from the Wall Street Journal talk about LEGO without anyone from LEGO there can expose how inaccurate their facts are. For instance, LEGO’s set designers operate out of Denmark, and not Norway. And the headline? The headline says, “Why Are Legos So Expensive?” The video doesn’t exactly detail why it’s so expensive but maybe the published article they allude to explains it a bit better. Oh, and also, it’s LEGO not Legos. I’m not one of those grammar nazis that correct people all the time when they use the term Legos. I honestly don’t care and don’t expect the average joe to know the difference but from a news publication such as the Wall Street Journal, you’d think they’d know or at least have someone at LEGO briefly proof the copy for inaccuracies before going to set or publishing the article.

I don’t know why I’m nerdraging about the video. I realize they’re not LEGO nerds like we are, but still…

Ace Kim | December 20th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, Sales News

The Hobbit Sets Discounted 25%

Both Amazon and Walmart have discounted The Hobbit sets they have in stock by about 25%. No Bag-end though. Having new sets go on sale with such a generous discount this early in their release cycle doesn’t bode well, but I chalk it up to the holiday rush along with hype for the movie and movie-related merch. Links below are for Amazon, Walmart’s list here:

Ace Kim | December 19th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

Bringing Bag End To Life Video

LEGO published a new video earlier today on their YouTube channel documenting the building of the life-sized Bag-end we reported on earlier this week. The video gives some great details on the model, such as the scale of the building and the larger scale of the minifigs, and the building process behind it. I swear, if I don’t get to see this in person at some point next year I’m going to be a sad panda.

Ken Robichaud | December 17th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

Life-Size LEGO Bag End

Bag End 3

I can only assume that this massive sculpture was built to promote the release of sets based The Hobbit, but I have no idea where it is (or where it’s going to be) displayed. I certainly hope it shows up at the NY Toy Fair in February though. You can view the original gallery on LEGO’s Facebook page, or on Flickr by clicking the image. Hopefully some better pictures will be forthcoming very soon.
This is what LEGO had to say about it:

It took a team of 12 model shop employees 3,000 hours to build this life size model of the LEGO Bag End set. In addition to containing over 2 million 1×1 bricks this model has working lights in the fireplace and over the bookstand as well as a chimney that really smokes!

Sorry to say, I like this a lot more than the movie itself.

Quick Amazon Update: Hobbit Sets Get Discounted and More TMNT Sets In Stock

Just a quick note since I’m tired. First up is Amazon selling The Hobbit sets at a 20% discount. Example: 79010 The Goblin King Battle is regularly $99.99 but it is now $79.99. 79000 Riddles for The Ring is the worst deal since they’ve already marked it up a few bucks over MSRP. After discount, the set only falls to $9.49, a whopping 50 cent discount. They’re out of 79003 An Unexpected Gathering, but you can pick up 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders and 79002 Attack of the Wargs at 20% less than MSRP.

And lastly, Amazon has stocked up on some more TMNT sets. In addition to 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase that we’ve reported previously, they also have 79101 Shredder Dragon Bike, 79102 Stealth Shell in Pursuit, and 79100 Kraang Lab Escape in stock as well. No discount on the turtle stuff unfortunately but they are brand new in every sense of the word and can make some kids very happy this Christmas.

Ace Kim | December 13th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, Sales News

9472 Attack on Your Wallet Discounted 29%

Amazon is discounting 9472 Attack on Weathertop by 29%, dropping the price down to a sweet $42.75, one of the best prices we’ve seen all year on this set.

Ace Kim | December 11th, 2012 | LEGO Lord of the Rings, News

LEGO Lord of the Rings Game Cutscenes In One Movie

Finishing today’s collection of videos is the above hour-and-a-half romp through Middle Earth. Youtube user mario11168 put all the cut scenes from the video game together into one long adventure. If you ain’t got nuthin’ better to do, you could do worse than watch the video. Not having played the game myself, I can’t say if there are spoilers or not so watcher beware.