Thursday, April 18, 2024

10219 Maersk Train Now Available

In all the tomfoolery yesterday, I neglected to notice the new 10219 Maersk Train is now available. If you've been waiting for it... you...

10219 Maersk Train Revealed

Unveiled moments ago at LEGO World is the next LEGO Shop@Home Exclusive: 10219 Maersk Train. Weighing in at 1,234 pieces, it'll cost you...
maersk train

A Good Look at the 10219 Maersk Container Train

Eurobricks has shared some nice new images of 10219 Maersk Container Train. Here's what we know so far: 10129 Maersk Train 1235 pieces Power Functions Ready (sold separately)

10155 Maersk Container Ship Now Available

If you missed this from... 7 years ago... you now have a chance to buy a re-release of 10152 Maersk Container Ship. LEGO put...

Micro Maersk Transport

This is a micro-scale Maersk transport by Peter Reid (legoloverman). It is rad. Yes, Maersk is a license.