Starting tomorrow, Thursday GMT time, which is in 30 minutes as I write this, through I can only assume Monday the 28th, LEGO Shop@Home UK will be reducing the price of 10155 Maersk Container Ship by 30% for all countries they deliver to in the European Union including Australia. Sorry, North America, it’s already sold out for our market. If you live in one of those countries, you can find your country code below for your exact price:

GB 72.09
DE 76.99
FR 69.93
IE 90.99
AT 76.99
CH 114.8
SE 909.3
FI 90.97
ES 76.97
PT 76.99
IT 76.99
DK 699.3
NL 76.99
BE 76.99
LU 76.99
AU 118.99
NZ 97.99
PL 328.99
CZ 1889.3
HU 19593
NO 769.3