Wall Street Journal Talks About LEGO with No One from LEGO


When the above video was linked to me, I watched it with the expectation that I would actually learn something about LEGO and their working relationship with their licensors and, like the headline says, why LEGO is so expensive. Maybe that was my fatal flaw, having an expectation. But instead, I learned that having two people from the Wall Street Journal talk about LEGO without anyone from LEGO there can expose how inaccurate their facts are. For instance, LEGO’s set designers operate out of Denmark, and not Norway. And the headline? The headline says, “Why Are Legos So Expensive?” The video doesn’t exactly detail why it’s so expensive but maybe the published article they allude to explains it a bit better. Oh, and also, it’s LEGO not Legos. I’m not one of those grammar nazis that correct people all the time when they use the term Legos. I honestly don’t care and don’t expect the average joe to know the difference but from a news publication such as the Wall Street Journal, you’d think they’d know or at least have someone at LEGO briefly proof the copy for inaccuracies before going to set or publishing the article.

I don’t know why I’m nerdraging about the video. I realize they’re not LEGO nerds like we are, but still…