Last week, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan unleashed this music video / preview of the upcoming Super Nintendo World. There isn’t much info to glean from the video but thankfully there’s the internet for that kind of stuff. After a bit of googling and reading, I found this article on The Verge a tad more informative but not by much. And of course, I have thoughts:

  • I say bizarre because the video plays more like a music video than theme park preview. You don’t get to actually see what the theme park or experience is going to be like. At best it’s a sizzle reel, at worst it’s false advertising because I highly doubt there’ll be goombas to jump on, coins to collect, or blocks to break.
  • That aside, if you actually look at the narrative of the video, it makes Super Nintendo World look like a Battle Royale game where players, aka park visitors, try and reach the flagpole first. Maybe this is intentional to get the interest of Fork Knife, PUBG, etc. players.
  • There is a small part of the video featuring a Mario Kart segment. I assume there’s going to be a race car-style ride like that, but, again, nothing concrete or real is shown to give us any real idea what it looks like. You do get to see a 6-passenger car drifting, but that’s about it.
  • According to the tweets linked to in that article, there’s going to be wristbands that offer competitions and point tracking. And, of course, a smartphone app. No real details what any of that means of course but it sounds like all of those things combined will create an an enhanced park-going experience.
  • It seems bonkers to me that a Nintendo-themed park or area to an existing park doesn’t already exist in Japan.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will open in 2020 in time for the summer Olympics. Their US counterparts to follow after that but no firm dates have been set.

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