This was really nice to wake up to. Spotted over on a Hong Kong gaming website, VJ Gamer, there is going to be a UCS-style NES on the horizon, 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System. Is this an elaborate fake? Nah, ’cause LEGO teased it on their social media this morning.

You get a retro style TV that appears to have a scrolling screen. Spin the crank on the side of the TV and the screen and Mario move. It makes me wonder if the TV will accept a Power Functions motor to automate the hand crank.

That Mario? It appears to be a one-off mold.

That TV isn’t just a pretty face. It’s complete front-to-back with AV cable input, vents, antenna, and a device label. Actual cables to plug the system into the TV seems to be completely absent though. Hopefully, cables are included because that would seem like an oversight if they weren’t.

Speaking of system, it’s complete with a cartridge and one controller.

No doubt that the printed tiles are pretty sweet.

This isn’t just a pretty shelf or desktop ornament either. Plug in a Super Mario smart figure from the starter set and you’ll get some kind of interactivity. Kind of hard to read exactly what happens because of the way the photo is taken, but I’m gonna guess that as you turn the crank on the side of the TV, Mario will play the theme music.

As far as dimensions, I’ve gone ahead and converted the measurements for you:

  • TV measures 9.4 inches wide x 8.9 inches high.
  • Console measures 8.2 inches wide x 2.9 inches high.
  • Controller measures 5 inches wide x 2 inches high.

The console is smaller than the original NES (10.125 inches x 3.375 inches) and is nearly the exact same size as the NES Classic Edition (8.86 inches x 2.95 inches). The controller is nearly identical in size as the original.

The alleged price is $250 dollars. I’m going to guess the release date is the same as the rest of the LEGO Super Mario line: August 1st. I can’t wait because this is more like a normal LEGO set and more inline with what I would expect from the collaboration. If I was hesitant about getting the Starter Set or the rest of the line, it would be worth it alone to put Mario on top of the TV.

All images lifted from VJ Gamer



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