Way back pre-Covid, we talked about what games we were anticipating for 2020. I listed Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Now, I’m not a plane guy. I’ve only ever been on one flight. But the tech behind this game is astounding. A true 1:1 rendering of Earth using AI texturing and satellites? Holy crap, sign me up.

I really got into Forza: Horizon 4 this last year, and I’m hoping this is the plane equivalent of that. Extremely in-depth controls and customizability combined with heavenly graphics. It’s all I want, and it looks like it’s what I’m getting.

The game will launch on August 18th, both to retail and to Xbox Game Pass (console and PC!). I was willing to pay full price for the game, so with the savings I’m tempted to pick up a joystick for that true airplane experience.

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