PokéMondays: I Hate GO’s Hat Pokémon


I’m still playing Pokémon GO and we are right in the middle of their New Year’s Day event where certain Pokémon can be found in the wild wearing a hat. Or in Slowpoke’s case, glasses that say 2020.

Slowpoke can evolve into both Slowbro and Slowking, both wearing the 2020 glasses. I think the joke is pretty funny, but still not something I’d want to keep. Storage comes at a premium and I’d rather save the room for something better.

All jokes aside these hat-wearing Pokémon do absolutely nothing for me. They are a complete eyesore and not ones I’d ever keep in my in-game storage. Other than Pikachu and Slowpoke, they can’t evolve so they can’t even realize they’re true potential. Honestly, they’re only good for XP- and candy-farming. Once caught, though, I immediately transferred to the Professor. I don’t even bother looking at their stats.

Why Pikachu wearing a hat is so special to be able to evolve into Raichu wearing a hat is beyond me.


This isn’t the first time nor will it be the last where Niantic put stupid accessories on Pokémon. Now, I never had any intention of transferring anything from GO into Pokémon Home, but some people do. The sad thing is, these special event Pokémon can’t be transferred. So even if you find one that is shiny, it’s stuck in the GO game forever. Lame.

I get why they do it. I equate it to how DENA puts their own weird variants of Mario Kart drivers in the Mario Kart Tour game. It, I think, is supposed to give players a reason to come back and play the game. For Mario Kart it might be the stats of a driver that a player might feel like they need to get to come out on top of the leaderboards. For Pokémon GO players, it’s…. just a hat. These aren’t even competitive Pokémon, or guaranteed shiny or anything, they’re just a different version of the same lame Pokémon. I mean, how many Wurmples does a player need? How many Wurmples with a hat do they need? Zero.

There are a lot of things that I don’t like about Pokémon GO, but the costumed and accessorized Pokémon is probably the worst offender. I can’t wait for this event to end so we can move on to the next.


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