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I spent a good amount of time on this collection mostly because I didn’t want to split it up the collection across more than one post, hence why last week’s update was a bit on the light side. It was worth it though. All of my regular Eevee’s were male, so I wanted to get the all the shinies as female. I used my male Sylveon with Cute Charm to attract the females. It’s not 100% guaranteed but I only ended up with two male shinies after it was all said and done, so I’m thankful for that. I felt like I breezed through this one.

Shiny Eevee

Shiny Eevee, 39/393

I only got one shiny with its Hidden Ability so I kept that one as regular non-evolved Shiny Eevee. It took 601 calls to get it. And the rest in no particular order:

Shiny Jolteon

Shiny Jolteon, 40/393

After 231 calls, I got this one, Shiny Jolteon.

Shiny Vaporeon

Shiny Vaporeon, 41/393

Shiny Vaporeon was captured after 196 SOS calls.

Shiny Flareon

Shiny Flareon, 42/393

Shiny Flareon was just after 59 calls! And that wasn’t even the fastest!

Shiny Leafeon

Shiny Leafeon, 43/393

This one’s barely a palette swap. Lame. But I’ll forgive her since she only took 104 calls.

Shiny Glaceon

Shiny Glaceon, 44/393

Barely a palette swap I say? This one’s just as bad. 286 Sos calls for this disappointment.

Shiny Espeon

Shiny Espeon, 45/393

Now we’re talking. It’s normal color is a light pink. This green makes her look like she’s cosplaying as the Hulk. And Hulkeon was the fastest catch at just 27 SOS calls.

Shiny Sylveon

Shiny Sylveon, 46/393

A female Sylveon with Cute Charm after 184 calls. This will probably come in handy later.

Shiny Umbreon

Shiny Umbreon, 47/393

Shiny Umbreon was the last of the litter at 101 calls.

On average, it took just under 200 calls per Eevee, way less if you subtract the regular Shiny Eevee with its 601 call record. Like I said, I felt like I breezed through these and got a good chunk of the Pokédex out of the way. Forty-seven down, three hundred forty-six to go.



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