PokéMondays: Slowpoke’s the Name of the Game


It’s almost fitting that I am posting this 45 minutes late and featuring shinies of the Slowpoke line. But you wouldn’t know it since I’m cheating a little bit and backdating this post to just before midnight.

Shiny Slowpoke

Shiny Slowpoke, 165/393

Even though “slowpoke” is the theme of this post, acquiring the Pokémon featured here was anything but. Shiny Slowpoke here came at 107 SOS calls…

Shiny Slowbro

Shiny Slowbro, 166/393

It’s bigger brother, Shiny Slowbro at 150 SOS calls..

Shiny Slowking

Shiny Slowking, 167/393

And finally, her royal highness Shiny Slowking at just 86 calls.

Shiny Inkay

Shiny Inkay, 168/393

And since the Slowpoke line came so fast, I figured I’d try getting some Shiny Inkays while I was in the area. Only 171 calls to get my first one. I thought my luck ran out until…

Shiny Malamar

Shiny Malamar, 169/393

My second Inkay came at only 34 SOS calls! I haven’t picked up my next target yet but here’s hoping my luck sticks around and keeps the runs at low numbers. High numbers are just soul crushing. But you know what isn’t soul crushing? The fact that I covered one hundred sixty-nine shinies in the Alolan ‘dex with only two hundred twenty-four to go! “Only”.

In other Pokémon news, I’ve been hitting Pokémon Sword pretty hard to the point where I almost have the Pokédex completed, DLC not included. I just need to finish the game in Shield and catch its exclusive Pokémon to transfer over and I’ll have the Shiny Charm in at least one game. I’m a little under halfway through so I don’t think it’ll take me much longer. Number of shiny encounters in Sword and Shield: a big fat zero. Hopefully the charm will change that up. I did pick up Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl so I’ll probably crack that open this weekend.

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