There’s thing that WordPress will do every now and then to encourage posting. It shows your posting streak. It looks something like this:

This alert came up yesterday, but it’s a bit of a lie since the streak was actually closer to 7 days. Stupid thing is, it’s working. I want to keep the streak alive so here I am at 11:50pm on Thursday June 10th hoping to get this published before the stroke of midnight. I couldn’t really think of anything to post but figured I could at least do a low-hanging-fruit sales post. And so here we are, to talk about about a LEGO Harry Potter set, 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall.

When LEGO decided to renew the Harry Potter license, it gave fans a new chance to realize their favorite books and movies in toy form. But rather than try and create one Hogwarts Castle set like they’ve done multiple times in the past, they’ve taken a more modular approach to the location and create smaller sets that attach to each other. And the cornerstone to this endeavor is the Great Hall. It’s been out of stock from all vendors for some time, but can be purchased directly from There’s a limit of three and in case that doesn’t mean anything to you now, keep in mind that no set will be made forever, and like all good things, it will come to an end. Will the price jump after it’s been retired? Probably. Should you buy more than one? That’s up to you. I know I am.

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