The site hasn’t been the most active lately… 2023 has been a sledgehammer to the face of a few of us and it’s hard to get the time to keep up with everything. I can’t speak for everyone here, but the annual tradition of us opening all the calendars and being shocked at the iffy builds is something that we look forward to.

We’re doing it a bit different this year, or more specifically, Nick just couldn’t find all that much joy in just doing the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. So he’s decided to do more than that one and compare them all a bit. Ace is going to do his normal review of it as well, and Eric will be covering Harry Potter yet again, for whatever the wizarding version of Groundhog Day is. And double the Star Wars!

We’re also bringing back our “random advent” calendar tradition, because it was fun last year. So tune in to see we go through and talk about. Maybe I’ll even bring in a special guest expert to talk about the one that Nick picked up…

Star Wars: 11 Hits / 8 Misses
Harry Potter: 10 Hits / 9 Misses
City: 14 Hits / 5 Misses
Marvel: 5 Hits / 14 Misses
Bonus Star Wars: 9 Hits / 10 Misses

Star Wars Day 20 – Ace

You know, I’m starting to dig these ugly christmas sweater clad minifigs. Emperor Palpatine here, sporting one with the Death Star II on it, you know, to keep the Endor theme going, is looking quite dapper. It softens him up a bit, making him looking like the grandpa at your holiday gathering who spikes his hot cocoa with a bit of Kahlua or Bailey’s. He’s just casually walking around zapping little kids as he walks by, chuckling to himself. A bit Grinch-y, a bit loveable, all awesome.

You know, I’m starting to forget about the long streak of hollow chocolate rip offs we had last week. Another truffle ball today went down so, so smoothly down my gullet. I’m not a fan of repeats, but if they’re good repeats, like today’s ball, I won’t complain.

Harry Potter Day 20 – Eric

Okay, here’s the best thing I can say about this table: if this was in the Marvel calendar, it would be split up over two days. There’s not a whole lot going on with this. It looks cheap, feels cheap, and I’ve already forgotten about it.

But I will never forget today’s tea: PEPPERMINT & LICORICE. I thought: “hey, this’ll probably taste pretty good! Very Christmas-y!” How wrong I was. For some reason, I get 0 peppermit OR licorice. It just has this nasty warm taste. Never drink this tea. 1/5.


City Day 20 – Nick

I didn’t like the earlier animal and stand, but this is an absolute hit, given the thematic touch of milk and cookies for Santa, and the addition of a food and water bowl for the Taco Bell chihuahua.

Marvel Day 20 – Nick

Have I slipped into some parallel dimension where the Marvel Calendar suddenly started to do good things, like making this banger of a micro build of Captain America on the Hydra train from the wonderful First Avenger? The only knock on this is that it uses a plain blue “state” figure, instead of the printed Captain America one that has been out there. That one is more of the modern take, but still. This is a huge hit, and one of the best of the calendar.

Bonus Star Wars Day 20 – Nick

It’s been a shaky couple of days, but wow, we get Sheev in a Star Wars sweater that I legit want (I have one that’s close, but it has Vader on it, not a Death Star). Also, the idea that he’s just hanging around, drinking coffee… sorry, caf, makes me laugh. Especially since you know he’s likely to electrocute more peons before he’s had his morning cup.

Okay, so, ever since I first saw this figure, I’ve wished I had the skill to make a stop-motion animation of the Emperor walking up the Darth Vader, sitting in a cubicle. Heeey Anakin, “What’s Happening.”

Pokemon Day 20 – Nick & Family

Nice to be back with a Vanillite after yesterdays nothingburger of a day. Interesting to see a little flying stand for it, something that makes the Warhammer 40k player in me twitch in revulsion. It works here, and this is a cute representation. Both my kids and I are kind of getting bummed at the lack of seasonal Pokemon over the last several days, though.

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