PokéMondays: The Eevee Evolution Imposters


The thing about Eevee evolutions, if you haven’t noticed, is that they all have the same naming convention: they all end in -eon. Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, so on and so forth. There are a handful of pokémon though that follow the same pattern but aren’t in fact part of the Eevee evolution family. Back when I caught all female shinies of Eevee’s evolutionary form, I knew there were some pokémon that had a similar naming structure. As far as I can tell, there are five of these imposters and they can all be found in Ultra Sun, but lucky for me only three are part of the Alolan pokédex.

Shiny Finneon

Shiny Finneon, 52/393

Shiny Finneon is a Fish-type evolved form of Eeevee. To get it, you expose Eevee to a Fish Stone. My fingers must have smelled extra fishy because this one popped up at jus 28 SOS calls!

Shiny Lumineon

Shiny Lumineon, 53/393

Shiny Lumineon is the evolved form of Shiny Finneon. You get this by trading Finneon while it’s holding a Fish Bone. This Finneon came up at just 44 SOS calls!

Shiny Kecleon

Shiny Kecleon, 54/393

The lizard form of an evolved Eevee, Shiny Kecleon came at 138 SOS calls. You get this by feinting Eevee while fighting a legendary lizard-type.

While the SOS call stats may be true, the descriptions of how to get them are completely false.

The other two imposter forms are Empoleon and Charmeleon. Their pre-evolved forms, Prinplup and Charmander, are in the game. You have to use Island Scan to find them on specific days at specific locations. Long term, I do want to fill get a living shiny National Dex, but since I’m just focusing on doing the Alolan one, this was an easy out for me. Plus, they don’t call any allies in battle so you just have to run into one and hope that it’s shiny. Yeah, no thanks, at least not right now.

I’m thankful these three came fast and early (that’s what she said) compared to the previous round of shinies, So, after adding these to the count, that’s fifty-four down, and three hundred thirty-nine to go.

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