PokéMondays: More Electric Types and UTF-8 Woes


I upgraded my WordPress installation recently and now I’m having weird encoding issues. My é’s have turned into é’s and now I gotta figure out how to turn them back. Hopefully I’m not the only one experiencing this and there’s an article out there somewhere for me to follow and fix.

Shiny Magnemite

Shiny Magnemite, 162/393

I spent some time in the same area where I got the Z-boys just to clear the area. I got the entire line in less than 300 SOS calls altogether. Shiny Magnemite here came at 93 calls.

Shiny Magneton

Shiny Magneton, 163/393

Shiny Magneton at 108 calls. Bam!

Shiny Magnezone

Shiny Magnezone, 164/393

And the final Shiny Magnemite came at just 26 calls which I evolved into a Shiny Magnezone. I honestly wasn’t sure how this hunt was going to go. I’m super glad I was able to complete the evolutionary line and the three Shiny Magnemites came hard and fast (that’s what she said) because I more or less have thrown myself at Pokémon Sword. One hundred sixty-four down with two hundred twenty-nine to go.

Now, to see if a database repair will fix this stupid encoding issue.

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