It’s no big secret that the site makes money from our affiliate links to Amazon, LEGO Shop@Home, Target, etc. And believe me when I say that every click that leads to a penny is fully appreciated. So it should come to no surprise that I prefer linking to products and deals from our affiliates before non-affiliated companies. Toys’R’Us is an exception in that does not have an affiliate relationship with them yet I will still report sales and deals regardless. I believe by not doing so, it would be a disservice to our readers. I have applied to their affiliate program many times. Try as I might, and as often as I apply, I have always been rejected. Now before you think I’m just whining, okay, so maybe I am a little bit, allow me to state why Toy’R’Us sucks. The reasons they give me, EVERY SINGLE TIME, why I am not approved for their affiliate program are as follows, and this is copied directly from their rejection email:

* inability to access Web site
* Web site not yet live
* traffic levels too low
* inappropriate material on site

Allow me to deconstruct each point.

* inability to access Web site – I’m on the site every day and every night, pretty much every chance I get, monitoring the forums, checking messages, coding features, etc. Our uptime hasn’t been better. Sure there are a few hiccups now and then, but I find it hard to believe that someone from the affiliate approval department would not be able to access the site.

* Web site not yet live – Hello? If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure we’re live.

* traffic levels too low – FBTB’s traffic may not compare to some other heavy hitters, but hey, we get pretty good statistics according to Google Analytics.

* inappropriate material on site – Now that’s a first. LEGO Star Wars is inappropriate? Better warn the parents. Sarcasm aside, how would they be able to make that judgement if a) they are unable to access the site and b) they believe the site is not yet live?

I have a feeling Toys’R’Us just rejects every applicant and checks off every reason why without really bothering looking at applications. That right there is a sign of incompetence. Providing reasons that not only contradict each other but also contradicts the truth is proof that no effort is made in reviewing applications. And if that’s the case, then TRU has no real intent on approving any applications. If TRU does not allow affiliates, they should just cancel their program and withdraw from Linkshare completely. ‘Cause seriously, what’s the point?

Regardless of the above rant, I will continue to report sales and deals from Toys’R’Us as I believe it will benefit our readers.