This isn’t related to Nintendo, Video Games, or LEGO… but I’ve talked about how I’m a big D&D player on the site before. I’ve been playing it since I was a kid, and got back into playing it a lot a few years ago. I already own the full product line, but Amazon is making it very, very, attractive and inexpensive to get into the hobby. D&D has never been more popular than it is right now, but it’s kind of daunting taking that first step.

While most of the books have an MSRP of $50, and usually sell through Amazon for about $35-40… most have been offered for $22+ this week (in the US… doesn’t look like the pricing cuts extend to other countries). Even better, the incredible and beautiful Art and Arcana Special Edition, which normally costs $125, is on sale for just north of $55. I picked that up immediately, and it’s gorgeous. The standard edition is also discounted, and has the same art book but none of the extras. The $25 extra for this version are worth it to me…

If you’re interested in D&D, the Starter Set is a great thing to… you know, start with. As a gift for kids who might be interested, it’s also a great introduction, and gives you everything you need to play and run a first game. Plus, the included adventure is legit, and can be used even for experience groups.

Two of the three core books are on sale as well, the PHB (which players should have), and the Monster Manual (which DMs should have, but also is just an essential sort of book). Curiously, the Dungeon Master’s Guide is not on sale, despite being as important to a DM as the Monster Manual.

Setting and Expansion Books are on sale, including the relatively recent book that adds the first Wizards of the Coast crossover between D&D and Magic the Gathering. Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica adds that world and setting to D&D for the first time, officially, which is sort of amazing to think it took that long. Of these, Xanathar’s guide is close to essential, since it gives a lot of new things for players and Dungeon Masters to use. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is more for DMs (but does include a couple of new races for players), and Sword Coast is more of a setting book, but has some new backgrounds. The holdout not on sale here is Volo’s Guide to Monsters, which is a shame. It’s a fun book.

The Adventure Books provide pre-made adventures for Dungeon Masters to run, and several on sale, including the newly released Dungeon of the Mad Mage, and recent hits like Tomb of Annihilation, Curse of Strahd, and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Tales from the Yawning Portal is the curious holdout here, but honestly, it’s not that great. You can also pick up older adventures like Storm King’s Thunder, Out of the Abyss, Rise of Tiamat, Princes of the Apocalypse, and Horde of the Dragon Queen (the sale prices vary on them).


Fun fact on our feature image… that was the result in a game that I’m playing in when the DM asked my party to roll for initiative when we walked into an ambush. We survived, but we all laughed about how badly we were caught flat-footed.


    • If you have a local game shop that sells D&D, they likely are running Adventure League sessions, D&D’s organized play league. It’s hugely popular, and a great way to try the game and see if its for you. Most groups would love to see newcomers show up, and those activities are designed just for that.

  1. Listen to Nick! The starter set is going for like $12 on Amazon and it comes with character sheets, dice, adventure booklet and basic rules booklet. Don’t bother to roll for initiative! Just go buy it!

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