LEGO followed up the announcement of Batman 3: Beyond Gotham with another stab at the not so old chestnut, we’ve quickly grown to love, pointing out that the bat does indeed have a sometimes wonderfully colourful wardrobe. If this is a sampling of the suits we’ll get to play in the new game, that gives even more hope to getting the newly unveiled space batsuit as well as this sweet version of the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. Since they are the only unproduced suits in the poster, it’s not too unlikely.

A trip to Zur-En-Arrh fits with the theme of Brainiac shrinking worlds for his collection, he probably keeps the cities in his basement where no one can touch them. The video below is from DC All Access and gives a tiny bit of insight on the new game, it also drops a new villain who I’m assuming will be a big fig and mentions alternate suits or many characters, including one that will let Cyborg transform into… a washing machine. Yes please.