Three LEGO Movies Over The Next Four Years


One of the writers/directors of The LEGO movie tweeted the above early yesterday, coinciding with the official announcement of the LEGO Batman movie. It is NOT an official announcement of the Batmobile from The LEGO Movie being made into a set. But boy would I love to be wrong. Hero Complex is reporting that the LEGO Batman movie, along with a Ninjago movie and the sequel to this year’s The LEGO Movie, were mapped out over the next four years during yesterday’s Time Warner investor call: Ninjago for 2016, Batman for 2017, and The LEGO Movie sequel for 2018. This confirms an earlier Hollywood Reporter article giving details on the LEGO Batman spin-off movie which we reported on a few days ago.

I’m not a Ninjago fan by any means, so it’ll have to be 2017 for me to get any LEGO cinematic goodness.

Thanks to ninnymuggins for the tip.