Following up on yesterday’s post about The Last Jedi coming to digital/disc release, I thought I’d link to this article on io9 I ran across some time ago. They collected a bunch of answers from various sources that Rian Johnson gave regarding some of the more controversial elements of The Last Jedi. He addresses everything from Leia’s space flight to force projections to Snoke’s backstory or lack thereof. These answers may not be satisfying enough to sufficiently address whatever issues you may or may not have but it does show that Rian did have his reasons for doing what he did. I certainly am not buying the whole Leia using the force to save herself and how it didn’t take much effort because there’s no resistance in space; because when did physics ever become a basis of reality in Star Wars? If you have ten minutes, it’s definitely worth a read and would be a good lead-up to the DVD extras when the movie comes out in a few weeks.

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