While we had our little fun with April Fool’s day, I think nigh’s the time to revert back to what we all came here for. The Dunkin’ Donuts- er, I mean, LEGO Star Wars (and other licensed themes). We had originally planned to leave it up for a little while longer, but it seems that the more passionate members of our community are getting a little upset and impatient to say the least. To be honest, we would have changed it back April 2, but once we got all the graphics and stylesheets in place, we were surprised at how slick the theme looked overall so we wanted to keep it around for another day or two. We hope you all can understand. Did we push it a little too far? Probably. But in the end it was a very valuable learning experience for us and the lesson learned is that a lot of people can’t take a joke. The upside to it all is that It is very reassuring to see how passionate our community is for this site and the LEGO Star Wars theme. To those of you whom we’ve hurt, please forgive us; for we humbly apologize for toying with that which you care about. To those of you who “got it”, thank you; it made it that much more enjoyable.

We had no intention of truly converting to a Power Miners focused site, but we do hope that with all the attention we gave it, that some of you who wrote off this theme before will now give it a chance. The site’s theme may have been a joke, but our love for Power Miners is real. My personal favorite is the Thunder Driller. It was the bi-directional drill was what won me over; that, and it just looks friggin’ cool. Boulder Blaster and Granite Grinder are also staff favorites warranting their own reviews for our joke day. We can’t really recommend Crystal Sweeper for the terribad price per part ratio, but all the other sets in the theme are real winners in our book. And hey, if the great builds and vehicle designs don’t win you over, surely the cute little Rock Monsters will! Pick up a set today; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Long live Power Miners!

P.S. The building contest is real. Deadline’s been extended until April 17th 2009.

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