On the last day of E3, the LEGO Dimensions demo stations had been outfitted with the Mission Impossible Level Pack demo, replacing the Ghostbusters Story Pack demo. The demo allowed you to play the first two levels of the pack, giving you an idea of Ethan Hunt’s appearance changing ability and how you have to use it to progress through the level. The levels are modeled after the cocktail party mission from the first Mission Impossible movie.

I also had enough time to go back and get some video of the Objectives mode in Battle Arenas. In Objectives mode, you have a series of objectives to complete which you can choose to do or you can try and hinder your opponents progress. Power-ups are still available to use to either disrupt your opponents in some way or give yourself a slight edge. We played the LEGO Harry Potter map and while it feels as large and expansive as the Adventure Time map, my only complaint would be that it was really difficult to tell where your home base is. This looks almost as fun Capture The Flag.

With Objectives and Capture the Flag out of the way, that’s two out of the four Battle Arena modes. I’m looking forward to seeing the other two and can’t wait for Comic Con where they will hopefully reveal them there. The first wave of LEGO Dimensions Year 2 ships in September. You can pre-order your packs right now from Amazon.