Does anyone still play this game anymore? I know we tried streaming it at one point, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty boring. Still, if you’re a completionist, you can now pick up The Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice packs today from your favorite retailer. I’d link to Amazon but they seem to have sold out already. Next best bet would be Best Buy.

Today’s release is the final wave for Year 2 content. With nothing announced for the next wave at the recent Gamescom or E3 earlier this year, the future is not looking good. If LEGO Dimensions is taking a break, they need to do or announce something soon to keep whatever momentum they have left going. I get the feeling that interest is dwindling though, and that retailers are not too happy with product sitting on the shelf doing nothing but collecting dust. That being said, if you wait long enough, you’re bound to get today’s releases at 50% or less.

Out of all of the toys to life products out there, I shouldn’t be surprised that Nintendo’s amiibo products are still the best performing. Except for Animal Crossing. Let’s pretend that never happened shall we?