I meant to get this posted a couple of days ago, but life has a way of making things impossible when you plan ahead. Venom sounds like it’s the dumpster fire of a movie that a Venom movie not based around Flash as Agent Venom was always going to be (seriously, Venom is a lame villain… the comics realized this almost a decade ago)… but Sony’s other Spider-man project that’s not Far From Home looks amazing.

The Spider-verse crossover event in Comics breathed a whole ton of new life into the various Spider-man series, introduced several new versions (including Spider-Gwen, who features heavily here), and in general was a really fun event. Where it kind of missed was the fact that the villain in the comic just wasn’t interesting. Luckily, it seems that Sony’s loose adaptation of it here made a change, putting in interesting villains instead. The Ultimate Spider-man cartoon explored the Spider-verse a bit as well, but this is putting the focus squarely on Miles Morales and giving us a new story. Also, Spider-Ham.

Scheduled for release on December 14th, it already looks like the best Spider-man movie we’re getting this year (the character in Infinity War was great, but not a central character). The people behind this should be familiar… Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are producing it (the LEGO movie and the LEGO Batman movie). Lord co-wrote it with Rodney Rothman, who had previously worked with them on 22 Jump Street. Marvel seems to have more involvement with this than they did Venom, and Brian Michael Bendis, creator of Miles and until earlier this year a long-time Marvel writer and artist (he’s at DC now working on Superman titles), consulting on the script.

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