I’m still not exactly sure what to think of the Aquaman movie. I think the only way that the DC Extended Universe is going to be successful going forward is to build up the rest of the roster not named Batman and Superman. We saw greatness with Wonder Woman, and there was some hope that Justice League was going to do that more… but sadly it pushed Ezra Miller’s Flash and Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman to the edges for the most part. Which is too bad, because the interaction with those two specifically was the best part of the movie.

Even with this trailer, I still don’t know. The CGI underwater, for the most part, looks way too DC, but I do like the look and color of it. More than that, though, DC has already been beaten to the punch on this story: Black Panther has done the “collision of worlds and cultures” thing already… and did it really well. That being said, I welcome DC branching out… let’s be fair, the early Marvel Character pieces aren’t nearly as good as what’s come out since, but they certainly laid some groundwork. And I think we’d all love it if DC movies started to trend “up” in their quality overall. I know I certainly would…


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