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Ace Kim | June 7th, 2012 | Marvel Comics, News

Marvel’s Avengers on DVD/Blu-ray Details

Marvel's Avengers 10-disc set

While I’m still basking in the afterglow from watching the Avengers movie, I was surprised to find out a few days ago that some details for the DVD sets have been “released”. Most of the details have been gleaned from so I’ll just summarize the key points here for you along with their current pre-order price. And if you pre-order now, you’re guaranteed the lowest price should it drop any further between the time you order and the time it ships, which is rumored to be around September 25th.

Tommy "roguefx" Williamson | October 13th, 2011 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, News

POTC Blu-Ray LEGO Sweepstakes

Psst, avast there…

Pirates of the Caribbean fans will be excited to hear that the Blu-Ray is coming on October 18th. LEGO POTC fans will be even more excited to hear of a pretty cool sweepstakes as well. Simply visit this link to enter.

You could win one of dozens of prizes including a home entertainment center, LEGO sets and the grand prize is a trip for a family of four to Billund Denmark to get the VIP treatment.

Ace Kim | September 20th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Walmart Blu-ray and DVD Deals USA, LLC

Let it be known that I prefer referring sales to Amazon if the price for a particular item is the same as another retailer since they offer both free shipping to your home and no charges for sales tax to most states. But Walmart’s affiliate program gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I figure I’d make a post to try and push some sales. So, if you live in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax or you don’t mind paying it to support the state you live in, and you don’t mind supporting Walmart, and you want to support FBTB, and you don’t mind picking up your order with free site-to-store shipping, then maybe there’s a deal or two here for you.

If you haven’t picked up Star Wars on Blu-ray yet, Walmart is offering the complete saga for $79.99. They also have the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy both for $39.99. And lastly, LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace is a Walmart exclusive and can still be had for a measly $13 dollars. If you have little ones that are into LEGO Star Wars, a small investment will provide hours of entertainment.

In Cars 2 news, there is a Walmart-exclusive Blu-ray/DVD combo pack that also comes with a diecast car of Finn McMissile. No details yet if this version of the British spy is any different than the one that’s clogging up the pegs everywhere you go, but if it is we’ll let you know. The combo pack + car will run you $29.96. If you care more about 3D Blu-ray than a collectible, the 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD combo pack might suit you better at $31.96. And if you don’t care about either and just want the movie, there’s a deal for that too for $24.96. All of the Cars 2 preorders will ship free to your home on the day it’s released on November 1, 2011.

For all you Pirates of the Caribbean fans, there’s a Walmart-exclusive release of the Blu-ray/DVD for On Stranger Tides that includes a Pirate Tin Bank. The tin bank set will set you back $24.96. This item will ship free to your home on October 18, 2011.

And finally, for you comic book movie fans, there’s Thor on Blu-ray/DVD for $22.96 plus a 3D version for $7 dollars more ($29.96), both with free Site-to-Store shipping. I think it’s funny that Green Lantern on Blu-ray/DVD costs more ($24.96) than Thor considering how terrible Green Lantern was. There’s a 3D version as well for $29.96. Green Lantern stinks up the DVD aisles on October 14, 2011.

Ken Robichaud | September 16th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Reminder: Star Wars Arrives On Blu-Ray Today!

Just a reminder to all the Canadians out there that Star Wars: The Complete Saga is finally Available on Blu-Ray today. If you were still on the fence about this nerd rage inducing latest release, keep in mind that has it listed at $79.99 the same price is offering our American neighbors and it’s a $100 savings from the Canadian MSRP.

Robert "Robzula" Davis | September 16th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Three DVD and Blu-ray Preorder Available from Amazon

Amazon is currently taking preorders for Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Three [Blu-ray]. Currently, they’re offering the Blu-ray version for $39.99, down from $59.99, and the DVD version for $29.99, down from $44.98, so now’s the time to get them. Remember, this season contains the episodes “Clone Cadets” and “ARC Troopers” which form the backstory and follow up to the Season 1 episode “Rookies,” generally considered one of the best episodes of the series. Along with the Nightsisters, Guardians of Mortis, Citadel Rescue, and Trandoshan arcs, this season proved to be an exciting addition to the series.

Ken Robichaud | September 7th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Will The Newest Changes To Star Wars Affect Whether You Buy?

With just over a week left until the release of Star Wars on Blu-Ray the question remains the same, will you buy it? Will you buy it for the prestige of Blu-ray, the deleted scenes and extras, the questionable artwork or the slew of inevitable changes that come with each new release. Will you buy it despite all that?

There’s been a lot of chatter in the forum, but just because you say you love/hate the new release doesn’t mean you will or won’t buy it. Before you sound off with your yay or nay, check out the list of changes floating around the interwebs:

TPM: Puppet Yoda replaced with CGI.
ANH: R2-D2 hides behind magical disappearing rocks.
ANH: Ben Kenobi Krayt Dragon call changed.
ROTJ: Darth Vader yells “No!…Noooo!” as Luke is being zapped by the Emperor.
ROTJ: A Dug in Jabba’s Palace.
ROTJ: Blinking Ewoks.
ROTJ: Jabba’s got a brand new door.

I’ll admit, the thought of Lucas losing sleep night after night for nearly 30 years because his Ewoks didn’t blink is somehow very comforting. Just not a hundred bucks worth.

Ace Kim | July 21st, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

LEGO’s Comic Con Poster Details Padawan Menace Blu-ray Exclusive Minifig

LEGO Poster Giveaway

Given away at the LEGO booth was a folded up poster of all of the 2011 minifigs from LEGO Star Wars. On the bottom border, there’s a line about the TV Special, The Padawan Menace, airing on Cartoon Network. In the bottom right corner are details about the Blu-ray release set for September 16th of this year. And the most interesting thing about it? There is an exclusive minifig of a character from the show (he’s the one behind Yoda).

LEGO Poster Giveaway Corner
Ace Kim | January 8th, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Star Wars On Blu-Ray Up For Pre-order recently posted Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray] for pre-order. If you’ve never ordered DVDs from Amazon, they have a pre-order price guarantee. If anytime between now and when the movie ships, the price drops, you will be guaranteed the lowest price no matter when you ordered. It’s currently listed $89.99, down from the list price of $139.99. It is scheduled to be released this September.

One can only hope Lucasfilm will include the original theatrical releases as a bonus or easter egg. If not, this will be, like, the 19th time the films will be altered beyond recognition as Lucas tends to do enhancements with every release.

Ace Kim | November 2nd, 2010 | LEGO Toy Story, Sales News

Toy Story 3 2-disc Special Edition For $17 Bucks

Toy Story 3 Out Today

So, like, you know how Toy Story 3 comes out on DVD and BD today? Yeah I know, snuck up on me too. But fret none, cause if you’re a member of Disney Rewards, you’ll be able to print out a coupon for $8 dollars off. Membership is free! Most big box stores have the 2 disc DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Copy combo pack on sale for $24.99. The coupon knocks it down to $16.99. How sweet is that? Coupon is good until 11/8. Many a man tear were shed during that movie. Probably one of the best movies of the year, and definitely Pixar’s best.