With just over a week left until the release of Star Wars on Blu-Ray the question remains the same, will you buy it? Will you buy it for the prestige of Blu-ray, the deleted scenes and extras, the questionable artwork or the slew of inevitable changes that come with each new release. Will you buy it despite all that?

There’s been a lot of chatter in the forum, but just because you say you love/hate the new release doesn’t mean you will or won’t buy it. Before you sound off with your yay or nay, check out the list of changes floating around the interwebs:

TPM: Puppet Yoda replaced with CGI.
ANH: R2-D2 hides behind magical disappearing rocks.
ANH: Ben Kenobi Krayt Dragon call changed.
ROTJ: Darth Vader yells “No!…Noooo!” as Luke is being zapped by the Emperor.
ROTJ: A Dug in Jabba’s Palace.
ROTJ: Blinking Ewoks.
ROTJ: Jabba’s got a brand new door.

I’ll admit, the thought of Lucas losing sleep night after night for nearly 30 years because his Ewoks didn’t blink is somehow very comforting. Just not a hundred bucks worth.