The Internet Price Guide is now up-to-date and with all the RotS sets included. A few things worthy of mention: LEGO Shop@Home is offering a free movie ticket with any $50 or more purchase, intended as a Star Wars promotion but ticket is good for any movie, with ANY LEGO purchase. is offering free shipping on the Millenium Falcon and the new Clone Turbo Tank. Also, has a web-only offer: the set of 4 new keychains (Chewie, Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2) for $19.99, and the set of 4 new pens (same characters) for $39.99. Finally, the 20% off sale at and eToys continues, presumably through 2 May. Free shipping applies to most items, no minimum, but no indication as to when this ends. Free shipping on any Star Wars items $50+ ends 9 May. And finally, to save a bit more, and eToys also have coupons out to save first-time buyers $5 off $40+ order: for KBToys, use code KBSG05; for eToys, code ETSP05 (both expire 31 May 2005).

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