lights, main ramp

Marshal Banana has made a bit of Cuusoo history with his massive UCS Sandcrawler reaching 10,000 votes. Firstly, it’s the largest model to make the cut and be approved to move into the review phase, with the next quarterly review starting in September. And most impressively, this isn’t his first model to make the cut. He was also responsible for the very well recieved Western Town which is in the current review stage.

The size of this beast is the real concern for me as the original Sandcrawler from 2005 weighed in at 1669 pieces and would probably be close to $200 if it was released today. This model is probably 5 times that size and includes multiple power functions and lights, so if LEGO chooses to build it anywhere near this level it is sure to be an extremely costly set. This will be the most interesting entry to watch so far as the first three Cuusoo production models have been smaller $40-60 sets and even the Western Town could end up being done in micro scale similar to the Mini Modulars, but the entire intention of this one is the size and complexity. Congratulations to Marshal Banana and good luck in the next stage of this journey.