Not satisfied with the final model, our very own Don Solo has modded his copy of the Exo Suit to have the arms better match the original’s arm design. Above is a picture he took of the completed model. Below is the exploded view of the arm. Aside from the obvious bits used for the mod, you’ll need this Bar 6.6L with Stop Ring running through the hollow core and a “Technic Driving Ring Extension” for the end.

21109 Exo Suit arm mod

And here’s a pic of the original Ideas submission:


Personally, I think it looks a LOT better without the barrel. If you still haven’t picked up this fantastic set for yourself, you should know that Shop@Home has the set is currently listed as “Temporarily out of stock,” which means they’ll eventually get it back, they just don’t know when. 21110 Research Institute though? One and done. Congrats if you grabbed some sets for yourself.