Q: Why can’t I log in?
A: If you’re using your account information from the old forum, there’s your first problem. This is a brand new forum, and thus all members require a new registration.

Q: Okay guys, I knew that. I registered on the new forum. I still can’t log in.
A: Did you get the Activation Email? If not, check your spam folder. Many people have found the admin email there.

Q: Hmm. Nope, no emails anywhere. What do I do now?
A: Email fbtbstaff@gmail.com and we’ll try to help you. Like the two dozen forum registrations I just activated because I recognized the usernames from the old forum and saw they were inactive.

We understand the first week or so is going to be hectic around here, so we’re going to be doing our best to get you in, but we can only hold your hand for so long ūüėČ And your hands are chapped from building so much Lego, and ew you have cooties, too!

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