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Ryan "chief" Wood | January 5th, 2012 | Events

FBTB Parts Draft Four: Registration

Registration opened today for the 4th FBTB Parts Draft. Chime in soon; there are only 5 spots left as of this posting!

Ryan "chief" Wood | January 2nd, 2012 | Events

FBTB Parts Draft Four: Freeco Speeder

The next FBTB Parts Draft will take place on Saturday January 14th at 10 am PST.

We’ll be drafting 10 copies of Star Wars set 8085 Freeco Speeder for $10 (shipping charges will be calculated later for each participant.)

You can see the inventory for this set on Bricklink.

The draft will follow essentially the same rules as the last draft.

Draft registration will commence on Thursday January 5th at 12 pm PST, which you can do in this thread here by simply posting “FREECO!” Feel free to post any and all questions or comments in the thread; however, anyone posting “FREECO!” before the clock hits noon on January 5th will be banned form participating. I will then confirm your registration via private message and give you PayPal payment instructions, and our draft order will be decided by the order of payment received from participants.

Ryan "chief" Wood | August 5th, 2011 | Events

Last Chance for Draft 3 Registration

At 12 pm PST today I will be closing registration for the 3rd FBTB Parts Draft in order to finish preparation for the draft tomorrow. Right now we’re at 5 participants with 5 slots remaining. You only have a few hours left to claim your spot!

Ryan "chief" Wood | August 3rd, 2011 | Events

FBTB Draft 3 Registration Open

As previously announced, FBTB is doing it’s 3rd parts draft, and registration is open now! Head to the forum to register. The draft will take place this Saturday at 10 am PST. Hope to see you there!

Ryan "chief" Wood | July 31st, 2011 | Events

FBTB Parts Draft Three

Now that BothCon and ComicCon are behind us, it’s time we got back to bidness. Who’s ready for a parts draft?

Third time’s the charm, right? We’re going to run things slightly differently this time. Instead of trying to restrict participants to one continent or another and trying to balance almost a dozen different schedules to find a perfect date and time, we’re just going to give you the date and you sign up if you can make it.

What are we drafting? 10 copies of Atlantis set 8061 Gateway of the Squid:

The draft will happen at 10 am PST on Saturday August 6th, which should give quite a number of our membership the possibility of participating.

Further amendments to the process as discussed after the last draft will be put into effect here.

Draft registration will commence on Wednesday August 3rd at 12 pm PST, which you can do in this thread here by simply posting your desire to participate. Feel free to post any questions or comments in the thread; anyone attempting to register before the clock hits noon on August 3rd will be disqualified from entering. I will then confirm your registration via private message and give you payment instructions, and our draft order will be decided by the order I receive payment from participants. Easy, right?

Ryan "chief" Wood | February 18th, 2011 | Events

Update- Parts Draft Numero Dos now open for North Americans!

Due to low response from our European membership, the draft is now closed to Europe and is now open for North Americans. The fee for participants in NA is $26 ($15 set, $11S&H.)

What this means is that we now have a mixed-continent draft, and everyone is going to have to be very accommodating and know that you may be signing up to participate in a draft that is run during the day on a weekend so everyone can be present.

This will be the last draft offered with overseas shipping, as the high postage cost may have kept some of our members from joining the draft. If a draft is run for Europe again, it will have to be done locally there.

Ryan "chief" Wood | February 17th, 2011 | Events, News

FBTB Parts Draft Numero Dos: Europe!

FBTB’s first parts draft a month ago was a great success, and our plan is to continue as long as people want to participate. We learned some valuable lessons the first time around; with some minor tweaks we’re confident future drafts will run even faster and smoother than the first- which already exceeded our expectations!

So what are we drafting this time? It’s another PoP set picked up on clearance, this time 75% off: 10 copies of Prince of Persia 7572 Quest Against Time!

Check out Flickr user dita svelte’s gallery here to get an idea of what’s in the set, or see Bricklink’s inventory here.

Parts Draft: Numero Dos! will be open for participant registration tomorrow, Friday February 18th. Sometime tomorrow I will unlock the topic and the first 10 European forum members (who joined before February 17th) who post in the thread will be our potential participants who will be confirmed for the draft when the $35USD ($15USD set and $20USD postage and handling) draft fee is received within 24 hours. Who am I considering European? If you fall within the GMT, CET, and EET time zones as seen here.

Comments? We have a general discussion topic for all past present and future drafts, but keep your eyes on THIS TOPIC HERE tomorrow for your chance to join our second FBTB Parts Draft!

Ryan "chief" Wood | January 12th, 2011 | Community Project, Events, Forum, LEGO, LEGO Prince of Persia, Parts Draft

FBTB Parts Draft: PoP Edition- Tonight’s Game Plan

Tonight we will undertake the first official FBTB Parts Draft! Will it be a huge success, or will we be crushed under the weight of an idea too awesome for it’s own good?

Parts Draft: PoP Edition- Sorting Completed!

Whether you are one of the 10 draft participants or just want to spectate tonight, everyone needs to know the game plan:

Ryan "chief" Wood | January 7th, 2011 | Events, Forum, LEGO Prince of Persia

Official FBTB Parts Draft: PoP Edition!

You followed the discussion. Now’s your chance to take part in the first official FBTB Parts Draft! We’re going for an ambitious start, a 50% off double draft of 7571 Fight for the Dagger and 7570 Ostrich Race!

Official FBTB Parts Draft: PoP Edition!

Interested? Keep your eyes peeled on this topic on the forum: sometime today, Friday January 7th, I will unlock it. The first ten forum members who respond to the topic are eligible to be participants in the draft. You can continue to add feedback in this topic here. Good luck!

Ryan "chief" Wood | December 29th, 2010 | Community Project, Events, Forum, LEGO, Site News

Let’s Talk: FBTB Parts Draft

On the forum we’re discussing how an FBTB community Parts Draft might work. Join the conversation and let us know if this is something you’d like to be a part of!