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Ace Kim | May 3rd, 2012 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

Lifelites Celebrates May the 4th


Our good friend Rob over at Lifelites is offering some great deals and incentives for his lighting kits to celebrate the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May the 4th. Starting today through 11:59pm May 5th, 2012 CST/GMT-6, you can take 15% off your purchases using coupon code USETHEFORCE. Every order placed within the promotional period will be eligible to enter a random drawing where on lucky customer will win a free Chrome Stormtrooper magnet. And…

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also be randomly selecting five orders during the promotional period to receive a free LifeLites eLitesaber with their order. eLitesaber will be a random color chosen from red, blue, green, orange, and purple. Are you going to be one of the lucky recipients? Which color will you get!?

More details on their news page.

You have three days to make your purchase but don’t dawdle. May 6th will be here sooner than you realize.

Ace Kim | May 4th, 2011 | LEGO, Sales News

LifeLites 15% Off Coupon

Rob over at LifeLites is getting in on the May the Fourth holiday by offering 15% off your order total for May 4th. He actually offered it for May 3rd as well, but I got busy, kinda forgot, remembered, got busy again, and here we are. Lifelites offers lighting products for your LEGO creations.

Update: You’ll need to use coupon code USETHEFORCE to apply the discount. Also, the coupon’s been extended until May 10th, 2011. Yay!

Ace Kim | March 31st, 2011 | LEGO Star Wars, News

April Fools': Lifelites’ LEDSaber: A Self-Contained Light-Up Lightsaber

You had me at self-contained. Rob Hendrix, the master craftsman behind has come up with a product that everyone and their sister will want for the Star Wars minifigs: a completely self-contained light up lightsaber. He’s sourced a manufacturer to create special batteries to his specifications to fit inside a standard LEGO lightsaber hilt. Simply plug in a lightsaber blade and voila! You have yourself a glowing lightsaber. No more wires, no more unremovable lightsabers, simply the best solution that everybody’s been waiting for. Rob says that the batteries should last anywhere between 8-12 months depending on usage. No word on cost yet as that has yet to be determined. For more information, hit up his site. I can hear the lightsaber sound effects now…

Ace Kim | December 10th, 2010 | LEGO Star Wars, News

LifeLites Debuts Lighted Lightsaber

Rob over at LifeLites Microlighting Products has created a new accessory seen above: a lit lightsaber. This is different than the light up lightsaber that LEGO offered before as it doesn’t require you to press down on a minifig’s head to activate it. The wire coming out of the bottom of the hilt connects to a compatible power source (sold separately) to light it up but despite that, this is great for dioramas as it adds a little bit more eye candy with a lit up blade. Blue is available right now for $8 a pop with more colors on the way.

Ace Kim | November 7th, 2009 | Sales News

Reminder: Last Day For Lifelites Coupon

Just a reminder, that today is the last day you can use coupon code “FBTB” at, and when I say last day, I really mean it this time no matter what Rob says. The coupon is set to expire at 11:59pm CST. You’ll get 15% off all orders over $25, even backordered items. If you’re waiting for the eLite Jr. kit to be restocked, you can place your order now to use the coupon and still save some money. Restock is expected in 10-14 days and all backorders will ship soon after that.

Below, are some more examples of MOCs using Lifelites products:

Orellana's Cradle II

For more images, check out the Lifelites flickr pool and their image gallery.

Ace Kim | November 4th, 2009 | News, Sales News

Last Days For Lifelites Coupon

Update: Rob is trying make me out to be a liar. The last day to use the coupon code is now Saturday November 7 midnight CST.

Today is the last day you can use coupon code “FBTB” at You’ll get 15% off all orders over $25. If my Falcon mod didn’t woo you, take a look at brickplumber’s Hoth base. Select pictures are below, you can check out his full stream here.

Which room is it in?
Ace Kim | October 28th, 2009 | News

15% Off Lifelites Coupon Code; eLite Jr. Giveaway

I had a great time modding the Falcon. It was pretty easy to do and the results are pretty sweet. If you’re at all interested in doing this mod yourself, you have two options:

1) Buy the kit! Rob at Lifelites is offering FBTB readers an exclusive offer: 15% off all orders over $25 dollars. Offer is good until next Wednesday November 4th. One coupon per household. Enter code “FBTB” upon checkout and the discount will be automatically applied. Go to to browse their selection and place your order.

2) Win a kit! Rob has generously donated an eLite Jr. kit as a giveaway prize. Shoot me an email at [email protected] with LIFELITES as the subject line to enter. Make sure you include your complete mailing address. Subject to giveaway rules.

Update: You have until 11:59 Pacific Time Wednesday November 4th to enter the giveaway.

Ace Kim | October 28th, 2009 | MOC Spotlight

[MOD] 7778 MIDI-scale Millennium Falcon + Lifelites eLite Jr.

Falcon Mod Step - 26

When I was building the MIDI-scale Falcon set for the review, I was noticing just how much hollow space there was all around the ship. Then I got to thinking about modding it to have working headlights and a glowing engine; all that empty space should be enough to hide some wires and a battery box or two. I turned to Lifelites to see what was possible. After consulting with Rob, I ordered two sets of eLite Jr. kits and got my kits in the mail a few days later. If you want to see how the mod is done, hit the full article link below.

Falcon Mod Step - 27


Ace Kim | October 5th, 2009 | MOC Spotlight

R2-D2 Minifig Brickmodder’ed With Lights and Sound

Rob over at Brickmodder Labs is a master at lighting up minifigs. He was the one responsible for my light-up chrome C-3PO fig. I always knew he was able to do an R2-D2 minifig, but he decided to take it one step further. By taking the sound and light components from a Hasbro action figure, he modded the circuit board and cut it down to size to fit inside an R2 minifig body to create the world’s first minifig with sound. For more information and a video, check out the Brickmodder Labs Blogology post: R2-D2 minifig with lights and sound . And just to answer everyone’s questions up front: no, he is not selling his fig; and he has no plans on mass producing it either.