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Nick Martin | May 5th, 2016 | LEGO Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Reviews

Review: 76050 Crossbones’ Hazard Heist

76050 Crossbones' Hazard Heist Full Set

Like most people, my first thought when i saw this set was “wait, Black Widow in a set under $80, what is this, opposite day?” Then it was followed by excitement on seeing an MCU version of Falcon show up, since I’ve really wanted that version of his character vs. the comic version we got in the MODOK set. After that… I saw the truck, and my eyes wanted to throw-up a little, so I really didn’t know what to make of the set.

I knew I’d have to review 76050 Crossbones Hazard Heist just because I’d already ripped on the Airport Battle for including “yet another jet” in the lineup, and this one follows the “yet another truck” pattern. Super Heroes sets can be described as Trucks and Jets, all the way down, because I think those two things make up 90% of the sets at this point. I can’t wait to see how they get a truck out of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 stuff.

Joking aside, getting Crossbones (new), Black Widow (typically hard to find), and Falcon (new for the most part) in a $20 set means this has a whole lot going for it out of the gate. It only comes in at 179 parts, which isn’t terrible at this price point, but there are a lot of little bits that inflate that number… the set feels smaller than that when you actually build it. Still, we get two characters that have typically gotten a short stick in sets, so that’s very nice to see. Compared to bigger sets, it’s easier to forgive a misstep or two in a $20 than in some $250 monstrosity, so hopefully this truck can measure up.

I’m writing this set before I see the movie, so there shouldn’t be anything in the way of spoilers. Unless you think that stuff existing is a spoiler, like Giant-man. Then I can’t help you.

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Ace Kim | May 3rd, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

One Day Left For May The Fourth Sale At LEGO [email protected]


At the time of this posting, you have exactly 24 hours to take advantage of the May The Fourth sale at LEGO [email protected]. A lot of pieces are backordered but if you order now, you will still get the 20% discount if applicable, double VIP points on all Star Wars items, 30602 First Order Stormtrooper, and the LEGO style The Force Awakens poster. Most of the backordered items have an estimated ship date of mid-May so you won’t be put out for too long and chances are your stuff will ship way before then.

The sale ends at 11:59pm EST / 8:59 PST May 4.

Ken Robichaud | May 3rd, 2016 | LEGO Ideas, News

Nine Projects Qualify For First LEGO Ideas Review Of 2016

2433754-o_1ahe4m9796clenga53cog13jjf (1)2433746-o_1ahe4m9791ilaqsf51s1qrp1gtd2433734-o_1ahe4m979quu14in3p2lt101da



Spring is in the air, summer is on it’s way and it’s review time again. Nine more hopefuls will vie for the honour of being the next Ideas set. Who will get through, if any? Here’s my one and a half cents:

  • Old Fishing Store: Great model, but too big.
  • Jurassic Park Visitor Center: Too big and other Jurassic Park sets have been passed over already.
  • Fossil Museum: I like this and would buy it. It’s right in the Ideas size range, so i’d give it the best chance. Hopefully it’s not too close to the Research Institute in LEGO’s opinion.
  • Johnny 5: Size fits, but with Wall-E still on shelves and Short Circuit not having the same nostalgic pull of other 80’s properties, it’s a long shot at best.
  • Rolling BB-8: If the Lightsaber kit couldn’t pass, poor BB has no chance.
  • Particle Accelerator: Neat, probably too big though.
  • Modular Train Station: Sorry, Mod-squad, but no.
  • Jedi High Counsel Chamber: People, give it up. Star Wars ain’t happening. Not like this.
  • Gingerbread House: I think one of these could be popular, though we did just get a limited edition tiny one (which is awesome), seems like a seasonal set though. We’ll see.

As always, good luck to all those who enter the game. And keep your eyes peeled for the 2015 end of year review, which is due to be revealed soon.

Nick Martin | May 2nd, 2016 | Episode VIII, Rumour Mill, Star Wars

Episode VIII Production Stills, Rebel One Mini-Spoilers

All Rey All the Time

I’ve been a bit lax in keeping up with all of the various spoiler-stuff for Episode VIII and Rogue One. Maybe because I can’t help but watch that Rogue One trailer and get all kinds of shudders. The excitement I have for Episode VII is still there, so I really want to go into VIII with a mind of mystery and surprise (the same thing I’m trying to do for Civil War this week, but all the promo spots are making it so hard).

Last week, Daily Mail posted several non-spoilerific pictures of the studio currently under construction for Episode VIII: More All of the Money in the UK. There are some location things that could be considered a spoiler if you drink a lot and squint really hard, but I’ll put them below the fold anyway…

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Ace Kim | April 30th, 2016 | LEGO Disney, Sales News

71012 The Disney Series Collectible Minifigs Now Available


If you haven’t blown your monthly allowance yet on May the Fourth deals, the newest collectible minifigure series is now available, 71012 The Disney Series. The limit is just 18 per order and each figure is $3.99. There are a total of 18 different figures to collect instead of the series usual count of 16. Odd? Odd.

Ace Kim | April 30th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Unannounced Freebie From Today’s May The Fourth Shopping Trip

And I’m not talking about the worst kept secret set either. The above pictured poster was given out to customers that bought LEGO Star Wars stuff today at Brand Retail locations. Pretty sweet. I hope this kind of giveaway becomes a regular thing. Would love to see different locations done in the same style.

Ace Kim | April 30th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, News

Millennium Falcon Build-and-Take Event at Toys’R’Us Stores May 7

It’s a May the Fourth celebration on May 7th. All brick and mortar Toys’R’Us stores will be hosting a build-and-take event next Saturday on May 7th from 12noon to 2pm. This event’s model will be a micro scale Millennium Falcon pictured above. There is no registration but these events tend to be crowded and may even run out so get there early. It’s actually not a bad model except for the cockpit. Replacing it with the one from the Falcon micro-fighter set will make it 10x better. Oh, and I’d probably replace those 1×1 bricks with headlight bricks with a 1×1 round trans-clear tile. But yeah, not a bad model.

In addition to the event next Saturday, Toys’R’Us is discounting select LEGO sets by 20% all week long starting tomorrow May 1 through May 7.

Ace Kim | April 29th, 2016 | Sales News

May The Fourth Sale Now Live For North America

I’ll just copy and paste my previous post to make things easier:

LEGO is offering the following:

– Free shipping on all orders with no minimum.
– Free 30602 First Order Stormtrooper (pictured above) with your order of $50 or more of LEGO Star Wars products.
– Double VIP points on all LEGO Star Wars products.
– Free LEGO-fied Star Wars The Force Awakens poster with all LEGO Star Wars purchases.

In addition to the items on sale, the newest UCS set 75098 Assault on Hoth is also on sale if you still feel the need to buy it.

All offers are good from April 30th through May 4th while supplies last at all LEGO Brand Retail Stores and online at LEGO [email protected].

LEGO Star Wars May The Fourth 2016 Sale List

Item name – US MSRP / US Sale Price / CA MSRP / CA Sale Price

Other Sale Items

If you’ve made it this far you should also know that there are additional non-Star Wars items going on sale during the same sale period, from April 30th through May 4th. The items on list, too, will see the same 20% discount applied and free shipping with no minimum, but unfortunately there are no other perks to this list. Here are the items on sale:

Item name – US MSRP / US Sale Price / CA MSRP / CA Sale Price

Ace Kim | April 29th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, Sales News

[UK] The May The Fourth Sale Is Now Live


The May The Fourth Sale is now live for the UK/European [email protected] customers, and Andi from our forum was right: everything LEGO Star Wars is discounted 10% across the board except that turd 75098 Assault on Hoth and the two DK books. Even the UCS sets are discounted: 10236 Ewok Village, 75059 Sandcrawler, 75060 Slave I, and 75059 TIE Fighter.

You’ll get free shipping on all orders over €55/£50. If your order has over €55/£50 worth of LEGO Star Wars product, you’ll also get a free 20602 First Order Stormtrooper and a free LEGO style The Force Awakens poster.

Ace Kim | April 29th, 2016 | LEGO Star Wars, Reviews

Review: 75098 Assault on Hoth

75098 Assault on Hoth 1

I’m sorry, LEGO, but your latest set, 75098 Assault on Hoth, is a lemon.

When this set was first announced, the following image floated around the internet soon after:


I kinda glanced at it noting the similarities that were being drawn between 75098 and the multitude of sets that it drew material from. I wanted to give LEGO the benefit of the doubt, that they wouldn’t try and sell us what appeared to be the mother of all rehashes. But that is exactly what they did.

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