This is a neat little polybag and a nice one to end the week on. Today’s set, 5003084 The Hulk, was a Toys’R’Us exclusive back in the day when that used to be chain store here in the U.S. How do I know it was a TRU exclusive? It says so right on the package.

You get the Hulk, an ATV, and giant sticker sheet.

The sticker sheet is great. You use one to put on the ATV you build. But there’s a generous amount of leftover stickers you can use to sticker up vehicles, a building, or whatever made from your own parts bin, and decorate them as Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., or HYDRA properties.

The ATV is neat. it’s a two-part build designed to be broken during a HULK SMASH. But it’s functional as well.

You can seat Hulk down or anyone else in the drivers seat and be on your way to run over the enemy.

Hulk himself is in olive green and the great thing is that he is unique to this set, increasing the polybag’s value by, like, a lot! He’s got techie spandex shorts this time around instead of torn up purple boxers.

Does It Suck or Does It Rock?


5003084 The Hulk is a superb polybag. It feels a bit more like an accessory bag because of the giant sticker sheet that is begging to be used to, ahem, accessorize your vehicle or building mocs. The sticker sheet is a nice draw, and the unique Hulk fig is a great value-add.


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You Can Win This And Every Other Polybag I Review This Year

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