PokéMondays: Shiny Meltan Got Me Playing PoGo Again


At pretty much any point in time I have a couple of PokéMondays® that I’m working on concurrently. Some are in my head marinating until it forms into a cohesive idea, some are just a list of SOS stats in a file on my Notepad app, and one or two are full on drafts just waiting for a shiny Pokémon to pop before I can finish the post. All of these are held up when I’m stuck on a Sunday night trying to catch that one ‘mon to complete the evolutionary line before I can post. I’m currently hunting a Munchlax and am getting pretty frustrated. I won’t bore you with the details now, I’ll just bore you with the details later, hopefully in next week’s Pokémondays® post. Anyways, I was trying to figure a way out of this state of frustration when Pokémon Go was having its birthday. And as part of this birthday, they are offering up a chance to get not only one but two shiny Pokémon.

Image lifted from ScreenRant

The first is a Shiny Darumaka. Niantic has increased it’s appearance rate by 10,000x and also increased it’s shiny chances to just 1/60. The first number is an exaggeration, but the second one I’m more than sure about, I just can’t remember where I read it. Supposedly, you have a better chance at catching a shiny from a 1-star raid than the overworld.

Normal on top, shiny on the bottom; Meltans on the left, Melmetals on the right.

The second, and the main reason I got back into PoGo, is a Shiny Meltan. Meltan is a mythical Pokémon that first made its appearance in the Let’s Go Pokémon games. I never picked up those games but in my on-going quest to get every normal Pokémon and its shiny version, I had to jump back in for this opportunity. I also read somewhere that it’s chances are also 1/60 for a shiny version.

Now you’d think with those increased odds, it might be easier to catch one but based on how many Darumakas and Meltans I’ve transferred out, you’d think I’d have at least one but I do not. I am undeterred though and I will keep trying until I get one.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at getting some shinies, DualShockers has a pretty good write up. In a nutshell you’ll need these two free apps for your smart device:  Pokémon Go (iOS | Play) and Pokémon Home (iOS | Play). For Go, you can sign up in a variety ways (Facebook, Google, Apple, Pokémon Trainer Club, or Niantic Kids for the younger trainers). For Home, if you intend to use it with other Pokémon games, you’ll need a Nintendo account to link to.

Once you get past registration hell, you’re ready to hunt. Darumaka’s will spawn on the world map and you’ll want to go to areas with a lot of PokéStops to increase your chances of seeing them. For Shiny Meltan, there’s a few more steps to go through. You’ll need to transfer one Pokémon from Go to Home and then you’ll receive a Mystery Box. Open the box and your avatar will be surrounded with a white mist. Meltan’s will start appearing just about every minute for 60 minutes. You can repeat this process every three days to increase your chances. I haven’t had any luck but I just read that you can sign in with different accounts in Go and link them to the same Home account. I’m about to go try that ’cause I really want that Shiny Meltan (two of them would be great so I can evolve one, same with Darumaka).

If you plan on doing this, I would say, “don’t do it” but if you insist then I wish you all the luck in the world. But you still shouldn’t do it.


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