I’m still working on a couple of reviews but wasn’t able to get one finished for today. So I thought I’d share some Super Smash Bros. replay videos of a couple of matches to keep our daily posting habits going.

The above clip is a recent match I played with my main Ness. I think the match would have been much closer if my opponent grabbed more. And the spike finisher at the end is what made me save the replay. I sometimes have trouble with jumpy opponents. I think I won this one because I was countering his jumpy tactics with my own and we kept missing each other.

Here’s another one where I absolutely, unequivocally should NOT have won. I’m playing as my second go-to in this clip, Cloud. I could barely touch the other guy and couldn’t disrupt their rhythm enough for me to get into a groove. And the final moment where he came off stage? Completely unnecessary. No doubt he regretted that move and probably won’t be doing that again. There was no way I could have recovered back onto the stage. My Up-B then B again was a last ditch effort to drag him down with me. I know if I can hit an opponent off stage with the second B press, he’ll die first. Maybe he didn’t know that.

Anyways, Super Smash is still super fun. It’s my second most played game behind Splatoon 2. I don’t save a lot of replays, but every once in a while I’ll get a win that gets my adrenaline going. Posting replays may or may not become a regular thing.

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