I think there’s also a holiday of some sort in the US (a Happy Thanksgiving would be in order), but I believe it’s now traditionally observed as the day people post pictures of their cooking efforts on Instagram and Facebook.

Oh, and also a new trailer / TV spot for Rise of Skywalker. Not gonna lie, I’m not even going to watch it, so I can’t really comment on it. I’ve got my tickets, and I’m so into a Star Wars mood with the Mandalorian and Disney+ I am hyped beyond belief. So, Happy Rise of the Skywalker / Thanksgiving / Food Picture day, everyone!

This is from last year, but I am working on trying to one-up it this year.


  1. I feel like your meat:not meat ratio is a bit off there…

    Also I couldn’t be more apathetic about Rise of Skywalker, but hopefully it will finally answer the burning question of the galaxy – if Rey grew up on a (presumably hot) desert planet, how come she never gets cold – I mean short sleeves in the snow, training for 2 days off the coast of Ireland, in a cold-looking ocean, in space… how does she do it??? brrrrrr

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