I was a late watcher to the first season of the Bad Batch, not picking it up until I started watching Andor (which was Amazing and we should really write a review and recap for that sometime). It admittedly started a little bit slow and very much like a typical Star Wars cartoon, but quickly became something different and a bit dark. It picked up on some of the threads that later Clone Wars grabbed at, and Rebels touched on, what is the value of a clone and a soldier.

Looking back through Andor, even though it’s a kid’s show, there’s certainly a compliment of the sinister nature of the Empire and what it’s doing and planning to do, laid down. While so many shows are done as different productions, there are absolutely some common threads you can see working in the background of the setting.

The last few episodes of season 1 left some very heavy moments for Clone Force 99, and left Crosshair at a crossroads when he gave a very harsh message about his own personal beliefs to Hunter. It should be interesting to see how it works out, in light of what’s happened since, what we got in other shows, and what’s coming next. Other than Commander Cody, that is… that should be very interesting.

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