Update: Clarifying the time zone, this deal goes live at 00:00 Friday 29 November PACIFIC TIME ZONE.

I had an email come in from a fan name Peter who relayed some information to me. He got off the phone with Amazon customer service and said that the 40% off sale of 75192 Millennium Falcon would go live at 12:00am Friday morning, November 29th. I just had a chat session with an Amazon rep and they verified the same info.

Now to be extra clear, this is midnight Thursday night, leading into Friday. Not midnight Friday night, ’cause that would mean it’s leading into Saturday, hence why I am specifying 12:00am Friday morning. If you understand military time, it would be 00:00 29 November. The timing sucks for you guys on the east coast, so I’m sorry if you stay up that late to try and nab one.

Also, there seems to be some confusion as to the stock levels and I’ve figured out why. If you load up Amazon in a web browser and search for the Falcon set, chances are you’ll be shown a result from a third-party seller because they’ll list their stock a few pennies below Amazon’s selling price so that they get the top spot. You have to check who the item is sold by and shipped from. It should say “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.” just under the Buy It Now button like this:

Alternatively, every link on this post pointing to 75192 Millennium Falcon will set Amazon as the seller so you can avoid these kinds of hiccups. But given the sale price, I have no doubts that all search results will default to Amazon as the seller.

If you’re dying to get one at this price, be sure to set your One-click settings correctly with the right credit card, billing, and shipping info so that you can hit the Buy Now button.

Good luck to those who want one.

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