That Ugly Fiat Is Now Available


You know, the Fiat did not sell well, at least here in the U.S., so this new Fiat 500 Creator set coming into existence can solely be attributed to the European roots of the Danish company we all know and sometimes love. The Fiat was a small cheap car, popular in Europe, and brought to the North American market to appeal to those who were considering a Mini Cooper but wanted something uglier.

Behold, the nice clean image pulled from the Fiat 500 product page at

And here’s a picture of the original 1965 Fiat 500F, the model is based on:

Image lifted from Denitto Classics.

Despite me hating on this thing, I will give credit where credit is due and the model is pretty spot on earning LEGO an A+ for execution. Still, it’s not enough to make me reconsider not recommending this thing. However, had the set been based on the much sportier, meaner-looking Abarth edition, well then they would have had something there and my opinion would have been the complete opposite.

10271 Fiat 500 is priced at $89.99 and comes with 960 pieces.

It’s not for me and maybe if you’re still interested, you’ll click through some direct links to the product page and make a purchase, because we need the support and every purchase helps even if it’s something I hate. Go ahead and buy it, I won’t judge. You do you, you Fiat-buying machines.


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